CTDOT is committed to engaging with stakeholders like you throughout this project. The questions listed here are some of the more common questions received from members of the public. If you have an additional question or concern not addressed here, please reach out through our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

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Q. What is TIME FOR CT?

A.  TIME FOR CT is an actionable plan to deliver safe, reliable, and fast train service for Connecticut based on a comprehensive analysis. TIME FOR CT is an $10 – 12 billion investment that is the down-payment for higher-speed rail service throughout Connecticut. The plan is built on three pillars: service, infrastructure, and fleet that together will result in faster trip times across the Connecticut rail network, expanded and more direct service between Connecticut cities, updated and rebuilt track, signals, and structures, and new state-of-the art rail cars. 

Q. When will I start to see improvements?

A.  TIME FOR CT includes initial travel time savings, once work is complete, of up to 10 minutes between New Haven and New York City .

Q. How much faster will my train be?

A.  Customers traveling between New Haven and New York City will save approximately 10 minutes each way with savings increasing up to 25 minutes by 2035.

Q. Is there anything in the TIME FOR CT plan related to service on the Shore Line East route, or for rail in general in eastern Connecticut?

A.  The TIME FOR CT rail plan is to improve travel time on the New Haven Line but there will be benefits for all connecting Shore Line East and Amtrak passengers who travel through this section in reduced travel times to reach destinations such as Stamford and New York.

Q. What are the ridership numbers for the Shore Line East for the previous five years?

A.  Calendar years:

  • 2016 = 828,721
  • 2017 = 786,331
  • 2018 = 597,363 (Forced busing impact)
  • 2019 = 660,477 (Forced busing impact)
  • 2020 = 155,871 (COVID impact)
  • 2021 = 122,019
  • 2022 = 190,278

Q. Are there any improvements in the TIME FOR CT program for the Hartford Line or the broader Capitol region of Connecticut?

A.  Yes, future services will be aligned to enhance connectivity (minimize transfer time) between all rail lines and the New Haven Line. The TIME FOR CT rail plan is to improve travel time on the New Haven Line but there will be benefits for all connecting rail to the Hartford Line for CTrail and Amtrak passengers who are traveling through New Haven to Stamford or New York.

Q. Will my stop in Stratford benefit from the travel time savings by the Super Express trains to New York?

A.  The recently-launched Super Express train from New Haven to New York includes stops in Bridgeport, Stamford, and New York. Stratford passengers can board trains in Bridgeport to realize the time savings of these new express trains.

Q. Have any new rail yards for fleet storage been identified to benefit the Hartford Line service? What are the capital costs for the specific improvements outlined in TIME FOR CT?

A.  TIME FOR CT work includes investigating expansion and modification of existing rail storage and maintenance facilities for the new fleet of equipment that will be in service on the Hartford Line.

Q. I don’t commute to New York City, how will I benefit from TIME FOR CT?

A.  TIME FOR CT will provide benefits to customers throughout Connecticut by increasing train frequencies between key Connecticut markets like Stamford, Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven. New modern, fully accessible cars will improve the customer experience for all riders and infrastructure investment will improve reliability throughout the system.

Q. Who’s paying for TIME FOR CT?

A.  TIME FOR CT will be financed through a combination of state and federal sources.

Q. What accessibility improvements are planned?

A.  TIME FOR CT includes plans to make all of the rail stations in Connecticut ADA-accessible; that includes high-level platforms on five (5) Waterbury Line stations and improvements to Hartford Line and Shore Line East stations as required.

Q. When will the new coaches be put into service and where can we expect to see them?

A. CTDOT is in the process of procuring state-of-the-art rail cars to meet the diverse needs of Connecticut's rail customers. This rail car procurement is informed by two years of engagement with a Customer Advisory Panel.  CTDOT will continue to work with the Customer Advisory Panel as the new rail cars are designed and manufactured.

Q. How is this related to the Northeast Corridor Commission's C37 Plan?

A. Much of Connecticut's rail network lies along the Northeast Corridor. The TIME FOR CT vision, while separate from the Northeast Corridor Commission's C37 plan, aligns with the goals for fast, safe, and efficient rail travel throughout the region.